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Theme: Cloak & Dagger

Put together by: Linda Abell and Rhonda

A framed display with the words "cloak & daggers," a ornamental dagger, and two small figurine knights.
A piece of paper with text titled "Cloak-and-Dagger," a comic book, and colorful tablecloth. Image is rotated.
Vintage-style posters, a hot air balloon shaped like a teapot, and opera glasses on a table.
Movie posters on a wall, decorative items, chair, and books on a table. The image is rotated.
A corkboard with photos, notes, and red strings creating a web, resembling a detective's investigation board.
Spy-themed display with books, novelty notebooks, stickers, and two figures resembling spies.
A poster showing the evolution of the James Bond character with various actors who've portrayed the spy.
A table with photos, a dossier, a 'Hello' tag, and Russian landmarks. The image is rotated.
A cork board with various photos, notes, and documents, resembling a detective's or conspiracy theorist's investigation wall.
A room with photos, posters, a feather pen, books, and a golden trophy. The image is rotated.